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A Little Tip!

Hi BOMBSHELLS, it's no secret that long hair can be more challenging to take care of versus shorter hair. Therefore, we wanted to give you some recommendations!

BOMBAY HAIR sets come thick from root to tip, and when straight hair is left at one length this can sometimes cause slight tangling (at the bottoms), since the ends come into contact with one another more often. Many woman can handle the 'one length, blunt hair' style but others just want less maintenance. Of course, we understand you want to keep that gorgeous length, therefore the best thing to do to your extensions is to add long subtle layers so that the ends are separated + use a detangling mist such as, MIRACLE 7 LEAVE-IN MIST. This will not only prevent tangles but layers will also give you a more natural and blended look once extensions are clipped in!

As well BOMBSHELLS, do not forget to care for your extensions! Click the link below to learn how!