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Caring for your HAIR!

Hi BOMBSHELLS, it's no secret that long hair can be a little more challenging to take care of versus shorter hair. Therefore, we wanted to give you some recommendations!

Layering Your Extensions

BOMBAY HAIR sets come thick from root to tip, and when straight hair is left at one length this can sometimes cause slight tangling (towards the bottoms), since the ends come into contact with one another more often. Many woman can handle the 'one length, blunt hair' style but others just want less maintenance. Of course, we understand you want to keep that gorgeous length, therefore the best thing to do to your extensions is to add long subtle layers so that the ends are separated + use a detangling mist. Layering your extensions will not only help prevent tangles but it will also give you a more natural and well blended look once the extensions are clipped in!


Combing Your Extensions

The best way to comb your hair extensions is with a tangle teaser or an actual extension brush. Remember, thick hair from root to tip is easier to manage if you use with a good brush.

Caring For Your Hair

Firstly, it is important to know that all extensions are a natural product - therefore, they will never, even if you tried, last forever. The best thing you can do is take care of them well so that they can last a long time!

Extensions 101:

1) The first thing that happens to extensions is that they get dry!


Because extensions are not attached your scalp they do not receive any natural oils from your scalp, such as our own hair does, therefore extensions dry out over time with washing and hot tool use - just natural wear and tear.

What can I do to prevent my gorgeous hair from dying out?

It is simple, keep your extensions moisturized! Meaning, wash them only when necessary (for example, when there is too much product build up or they are starting to feel 'dirty' from touching them) and treat them to a good deep condition once a week.

Remember, BOMBAY HAIR does not need to be washed too often. We use little to no silicone on our hair - therefore, curls usually hold quite well without any hairspray! Of course, everyone curls differently and uses different types of hot tools - so we recommend that you curl your extensions, add no hair spray (or just a little with flexible hold), wear them throughout the day and see how well the curls hold to your liking. If you are satisfied at how well they hold curls, then great you will likely avoid over washing of your extensions!


1) Use a sulphate free or gentle shampoo or even just a conditioner to clean them. Conditioner should be silicon and protein free - as these ingredients are overly drying for real human hair extensions. Always use a conditioner afterwards, we like to soak our hair for 5 minutes in the conditioner before rinsing.

2) Always treat your BOMBAY HAIR to a nice deep condition afterwards (leave in for 20-30 minutes), rinse and lay flat to dry on silk or satin (as this is better than laying hair on a cotton towel - you can easily purchase a half yard of silk or satin at a local fabric store). Deep conditioning helps to lock in moisturize and avoid tangles.


If you are not using your extensions, we recommend wrapping them in silk or satin and storing them in a shoe box. The silk or satin help to keep the extensions soft, silky and tangle free.



1) If you wear your extensions often (3 or 4 +  times a week), we recommend deep conditioning your extensions at least once (or twice) a week.

2) Sometimes your hair just needs a little extra moisture, once your extensions have air dried you can also use a small amount of Argan, Moroccan or even Almond Oil to further moisturize them! Note, a very tiny amount goes a long way! Leave in overnight.

3) Always use a heat protector will using hot tools on your extensions. Many customers use the, "Miracle 7 Leave-in Mist for Extensions" (red bottle) as this shields against heat; detangles; and moisturizes!