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How to Color Match Bombay Hair Extensions

Congratulations on your new Bombay Hair extensions! To ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair, it’s essential to color match the extensions correctly. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect match without voiding our return policy.

1. Unbox Your Extensions
   - Carefully unbox your hair extensions, making sure not to remove any tags or packaging that may void the return policy.
2. Locate the Tester Piece
   - Find the tester piece included with your Clip In Hair Extensions.  This piece is specifically provided for color matching without affecting the return policy. If you have purchased tapes, wefts or fusion extensions simply use the pack of extensions without removing the ties or tags from the weft.
3. Separate a Small Section of Your Hair
4. Place the Tester Piece Under Your Hair & Blend
5. Assess the Color Match
6. Check from Different Angles
7. Exchange if Necessary
   - If the color is off, you may submit a photo for a Free Color Match and then submit a Exchange request.
8. Decision Time
   - Once you’re satisfied with the match, you can proceed to use the extensions. If not, keep all packaging and tags intact and submit an exchange request.

Understanding the Dimensional Color of Our Hair Extensions

Bombay hair extensions are crafted with a unique dimensional color that ensures a natural and seamless blend with your hair. This dimension is achieved through a combination of shades that mimic the natural variations found in real hair, giving the extensions a multi-tonal effect. Here’s why understanding this dimension is crucial for achieving a perfect match:

1. Multi-Tonal Shades:

   - Our hair extensions are not a single, flat color. They consist of multiple tones that reflect light differently, just like natural hair. This dimensional aspect helps the extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair, which also has natural highlights and lowlights.

2. Natural Blending:

   - When you place the extensions under your hair and blend them, the multi-tonal shades mix with your natural hair, creating a cohesive look. The different tones in the extensions complement the varying shades in your hair, making the blend look natural and undetectable.  


Why Matching Over Your Hair Can Be Misleading 

1. Surface Reflection:

   - When you match the extensions by placing them over your hair, the top layer of the extensions may not blend as well due to surface reflection. This can make the extensions appear slightly off in color when, in fact, they are a match. 

2. Different Viewing Angles:

   - The way light hits your hair from different angles can affect how the color appears. Placing the extensions over your hair might not give an accurate representation of how they will look once they are properly blended underneath. 


How to Achieve the Perfect Match

1. Place Extensions Under Your Hair when determining if the color matches:

   - Always place the extensions underneath a section of your natural hair to see how the colors blend together. This method allows the multi-tonal shades to mix with your hair, creating a natural look. 

2. Use Natural Lighting:

   - Stand in natural lighting or near a window when assessing the color match. Natural light provides the most accurate representation of how the colors will blend.

3. Blend and Style:

   - Blend the extensions by gently combing your natural hair over them. Style as usual to see the final look. The multi-tonal nature of the extensions will help them blend in perfectly with your hair.