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Oscar Ready? You Bet.


Posted on March 03 2014


All of this Oscar buzz has got me thinking that the best way to feel dressed up is in long, luscious hair. Forget the lob, what I want is drop-dead gorgeous, bombshell worthy, give-Rapunzel-a-run-for-her-money hair. 


Right now, I’m in that frizzy, early Posh Spice stage, which kinda sucks. So let me just take a quick second to thank whatever genius came up with the idea of fake hair. 


You need to look cute for a party, BAM! extensions. You want fuller hair for your wedding? No need to go Bridezilla, have some hair. You want to feel amazing at the office because, let’s face it, you simply are? Let me send some extensions your way too, girl.


In the wise words of Oprah: You get extensions! You get extensions! Everybody gets extensions!


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