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Make it [to] Work!


Posted on March 17 2014

Mondays can be such a DRAG. Bombay Bombshells now that starting the weekday can be a struggle, especially when you’re dealing with hair that looks like a mix between a bird’s nest and the classic bride of Frankenstein updo. So what’s a girl to do? Since we won’t ask you to give up that precious cup of Joe (not an option, ever!) here are four easy 10-minute hairstyles to keep you going, going, gone!


1) Messy sophisticated half updo: No need to panic, just pull out your trusty curler and start by picking random pieces of hair and curling them, switching sides the curl direction as you go to make them look more natural. Add clip-in extensions for extra volume, and grab the sides of your hair. Twist and pin them to the back of your head.


2) Volume (bouffant) pony: This sky-high pony will keep you looking fresh, even if you’re feeling the struggle of waking up at 5am thin morning. Clip in extensions at the top of your head and tease, then slick back into a low pony and add a headband. Easy, simple, work ready.



3) Side fishtail: Channel your inner Nicole Ritchie and add extensions to the sides of your hair and secure in a side pony. Make a fishtail braid and secure. Pull out some pieces to give it an undone look without feeling like a bedhead.



4) High bun: This high bun is the best for a busy morning, especially if you didn’t have time to wash your hair. Clip in extensions, gather hair, pull it up to the top, and secure. Use a hair donut and roll hair in to make the perfect workday bun.



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